What is functional Fitness

The name functional fitness itself says that these types of exercises are for functional benefits. This means that the exercises that trains the body for doing daily activities without any stress are called functional exercises and the fitness that we get through these functional exercises are known as functional fitness.

The functional exercises are meant for movement of our body joints and making them stronger for our day to day activities. In these types of exercises, you basically have to use your knees, elbows, shoulders and hips.

Example of functional Exercises

A squat is the best functional exercise. This is because we do squat at many times a day and use it. Remember when you have to sit in your car or get out of your, even in washroom and sitting and standing up many a times for our daily work. All of these comes under squat and we need our joints to be stronger to do so daily.

Why to go for functional fitness?

There are a lot of benefits of a functional fitness. Let’s go in detail and understand each one of them here.

Increase in Balance and stability

Looking fit is not enough but how fit we live is of great consideration? You could have gone through a lot of situation in your life which would have decreased your stability. But it is necessary to eliminate all those things and start burning yourself in a gym and making yourself strong enough to face the outside world.

The example of exercise that increases our balance and stability for our daily life is lunge. This exercise is very easy to do and I think you must have done this many a times daily. Just go to your shelf and try to reach out to a box kept above the cabinet and walk out it with. You have done this exercise. But in a Gym, you can make this exercise a little heavy and make your shoulders a bit stronger for these things by using some weight and doing 3 sets of Lunge each day.

Increase in Strength

Most of the functional exercise are meant to make your body stronger. The stronger your body is the less impact it has from daily activities. It is always said that if your foundation is stable then only you become stronger.

Most of us go to Gym to pump up our muscles and gain mass. But it is always necessary to go for functional exercises if you want to build strength rather than building your muscles. This is because, only by increasing your strength you can go for weights and isolate your muscles.

If you even look at your daily activities, you would find that you never use your biceps and triceps for your activities. Suppose you have to lift your bed or shovel you would not use your biceps of triceps, however you would use your core strength to lift it up, your back bends, your legs for pushing and your arms to lift it up.

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