Ways To Get In Shape and Burn Fat Faster

Burning fat is proportionate to calories consumed to that of the calories burnt. Here are many things that can help you burn fat faster. So, get ready to know more about burning fast easier and in a speedy manner and get in shape.

Drink more water

Many of you would say that its crazy to think that water can burn fat. But believe me it’s the truth. Your liver which works day and night to process fat requires a lot of water to function properly. Without enough water your liver cannot function properly and the fat burning process slows down which causes a lot of bad influence on joints and even muscles. So, always drink more water and keep dehydration away from you.

Do not have believe in fancy diet plans

It is obvious that we get attracted and go for a fancy diet chart and have cabbage soup or grape fruit diet and these diet plan even helps in losing weight. But once you stop these diet plans your body even gets in worse shape than earlier. These diet plans do not contain some of the micronutrients which are essential for our body.

But if you want to burn fat faster then you should stick to your diet plan for a longer time. And therefore, always choose a diet plan which you can follow for at least one to two weeks. According to me, the clean eating diet is best to keep your body in shape and keep fat at a normal level.

Lift Heavier Weight

You must have heard somewhere that doing more reps with lighter weight can help you burn more fat. Stop! It’s not right. You think yourself how doing 20 reps with 10lbs can be more useful than doing 10 reps with 100lbs? The more fat you have the more energy it requires to burn fat. So doing 20 reps with lighter weight cannot help you in burning fat faster.

You should lift weight which should be a challenge for you but it should not be so much heavier which can cause other problems to your body.

Have food after every workout

After workout, food is very necessary. Our body gets exhausted and requires more energy to repair and growth of the muscle. Therefore, protein rich food would be a great choice to have after every exhaustive workout session.

But you must not only depend on the post workout meal as what you eat during whole day works as an important factor in weight loss.

Consume BCAA’s

Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA’s) can be a great choice. It contains amino acids like Leucine, isoleucine and valine which increases the process of protein synthesis in muscles. These can be used as a fuel by your body when your body gets tired after exhaustive workout session.
Taking BCAA before and after every workout session will provide more energy and increase your workout session duration and hence, you could be able to burn fat faster.

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