Health and Fitness Benefits of Walking

In this era of modern equipment and automobiles, walking is something we hate to do. We even go to gym and use various machine but we hate to walk even for a kilometre. But you would be surprised to know that the thing you always used to hate has numerous benefits for our health and fitness.

But a regular and dedicated walking program can give you a lot of health benefits. See the benefits of walking below.

Benefits for Heart

If you have a blood pressure the walking daily can keep your blood pressure normal and control your cholesterol. Both blood pressure and high cholesterol are the causes of heart diseases.

• According to the research done on 72000 people doing a regular walking for just 30 minutes a day minimised a heart disease risk by almost 30% to 40%

• A study which was published in 2001 by Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise
Showed that women having high blood pressure were able to reduce their body mass and their blood pressure by walking 9700 steps in 24 weeks.

• Not only this, a study made by Harvard University researchers on 11000 men doing exercise (walking one hour per day for 5 days a week) reduced their risk of heart stroke by 50 %.
Benefits to joint
Walking may look easier than other physical exercises like running and aerobics but still it places a great role in reducing osteoporosis and makes your joints strong.

• Consistent walking for 1 hour a day strengthens our joints and makes our hips stronger. Thereby, reducing the risk of hip fracture. The study was done on more than 30000 men and then it was declared on the research.

• According to several researches done, it was found that it increases bone density by two percent by just walking 30 minutes per day a week.

Weight Loss

Walking may not seem like an exercise but a regular walking can burn a lot of calories and hence, loss in weight. So, it is best for a person to make a daily habit of walking if he/she wants to reduce weight.

• According to research done by International Journal of Obesity suggested that walking 30 minutes a day is more beneficial than going for a diet plan to reduce weight.

• According to the researchers of Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, walking just 15 minutes a day and going for a diet plan or just reducing some amount of food in lunch and dinner can prevent risk of obesity in future.
Benefits to the Mind
You can get a lot of researches done on exercises that suggests that a regular walking can help you have a good sleep and even reduce depression.

• A journal of Holistic Nursing article published in 2006, made it clear that women who used to join a walking program becomes more emotionally stable and their stress also gets decreased.


Walking may seem to be a normal activity but it has a lot of health benefits. So, make a daily routine or start a walking program for a good and stressful life.

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